Our Story

What started it all!

As a devoted mother of three lively and energetic boys, you can imagine the constant whirlwind of activity and appetites in our household. Balancing school runs, volunteering, house upkeep, and work commitments often left me pressed for time when it came to preparing a fresh meal. This led me to embrace bulk cooking and smart storage solutions.
My boys are true food enthusiasts, with a particular fondness for bagels and, of course, the universally beloved pizza! Bagels would often come in dozens, and occasionally, we'd have surplus pizza. Yet, the challenge lay in reheating them to that delectable, oven-fresh taste.
What if there was a way to achieve that mouthwatering result in under three minutes?
This epiphany struck me like a bolt of lightning!
Reheating food in our household had always been a conundrum.
Don't even get me started on microwaved leftovers!  The truth is that traditional methods of reheating our foods often fails to restore the fresh taste that we love. 
Determined to improve this experience, I set out on a mission to create a brand new way to make your foods taste fresher and so much better
than other reheating methods!
This journey gave birth to the Pacuzzi®, a user-friendly, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-store, food-grade silicone "SPA" for you PAN! It effortlessly converts any pan or skillet into a powerful steam machine, ensuring your food cooks fresher, faster, and better than ever before!
The Pacuzzi® mirrors the speed of a microwave, all while preserving the texture and quality one expects from a traditional pan, and it brings with it the added benefits of steam cooking.  By cooking with steam, you can reduce the need for oil and can enjoy more of the foods that you love!  I've coined this technique "Humidi-FRY-ing."
Beyond resolving the reheating dilemma, the Pacuzzi® also minimizes food waste and thereby reduces your carbon footprint while on this beautiful planet Mother Earth all while saving you money too! It’s a no-brainer!  I sincerely hope you discover its transformative power, just as I have.
Trust me! Your kitchen will never be the same!